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bzlib390 is a distribution providing version 1.0.2 of the bzip2 compression library.  It is targeted at the IBM 9672-G3+, zSeries, and compatible mainframes.

What makes this distribution different is that it isn't just a plain recompile of the bzip2 sources using one of the typical mainframe C compilers.  bzlib390 is built using GCC and Tachyon Software's TAS assembler to provide a library which does not require any runtime support and may be used in environments that disallow the use of SVCs and other direct OS interaction.


bzlib390-02.343-asm.tar.gz (GCC assembler code...only needed if interested)
bzlib390-02.343-lst.tar.gz (TAS assembly listings...only needed if interested)

Change History:

Date Change
2002-12-09 Merged OBJ and JCL datasets into one.
2002-12-08 Mostly just cleanup
2002-12-05 Fixed ASCII strings and added a new test program
2002-10-11 Initial implementation
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