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Multiple Configuration Boot Support

The "multiboot" patch adds the ability to IPL different configurations from the same device using the LOADPARM parameter on VMs IPL command or the "Load Parameter" field on the Hardware Management Console.

It is especially useful when IPLing zLinux in an LPAR. You may setup several configs in /etc/zipl.conf, like a known good one, a test one, and one that IPLs into single user mode. Then, if something untoward happens while testing, you have alternatives to get zLinux back up.

You can even maintain 1 zipl.conf to be used by several LPARs and/or VM guests.

The patch applies to s390-tools-1.1.6.



Change History:

Date Change
2003-03-17 Added a suggestion by Jan J. and cleaned up some other things.  See README.multiboot for details.
2003-03-14 Initial distribution
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