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tcpdump-qeth Wrapper

This Perl program provides a wrapper for the tcpdump utility to allow capturing packets from qeth or hipersocket network interfaces.  It injects a link-level header that is missing from captured packets produced by those interfaces.  It was written by Holger Smolinski of IBM and released under the GPL.

As distributed up to SLES 11 SP1, the program has a couple of minor issues and does not allow you to use any filter programs.  With the exception of multiple "d" and "v" arguments, you may use all arguments as described by the tcpdump manpage. 

You may either download the patch or a pre-patched version of the program.

Download patch:


Download program:


Change History:

Date Change
2010-08-25 Updated to support -s argument
2003-04-16 Initial distribution
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