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smcli - z/VM System Management API command line utilit

smcli is a bash script that provides a command line interface to the z/VM System Management API.  Both TCP/IP and IUCV transport mechanisms are supported as well as 113 of the 114 functions at the z/VM 6.1 level. (Check_Authorization doesn't follow the same API as the rest.)

I needed a few of the SMAPI functions for a project, but once I started, I couldn't stop and it soon became a huge educational exercise as I learned a lot of new bash scripting techniques.

I also wanted to see if I could do most of it in bash and not rely on too many external programs.  I was able to get away with only using 5 external programs and 2 of those could even be implemented in the script, but I left them for speed.  The 5th is the IUCV helper utility embedded in the script (build it using "smcli smiucv").

Download smcli-11.048a:


Change History:

Date Change
2011-02-17 Added some brief usage comments
2011-02-11 First release
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