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VMARC Utility

VMA is a utility that allows you to list, extract, and/or create VMARC files.  It consists of a command line version that should run just about anywhere and a GUI version that should run wherever wxWidgets is supported.

Download v22.204a:


Download v20.226a: (Catalina compatible)

Source, Mac

Download v12.081a:

Source, Mac Windows z/OS

Download v12.080a:

Source, Mac Windows

Download v05.191a:

Source, Windows, z/OS, CMS

Download v05.180a:

Source, Windows GUI, Windows CLI, z/OS, CMS

Change History:

Date Change
2022-07-233 Added missing command line parameter check to VMA.
2020-08-13 Notarized VMA for Mac Catalina.
2020-08-11 Rebuilt and signed VMA for Mac Catalina.
2012-03-21 Restored support for building/running on z/OS.
2012-03-20 Fixed length record critter fixed and Linux build fixed.
2011-08-03 Invalid header criter fixed and Mac build fixed.
2010-03-13 Fixed a critter when adding to existing archives.
2010-03-11 Added support for creating/updating VMARC files.
2009-06-03 Added (or rather readded) the Windows command line version.
2009-04-18 GUI is now fully Unicode capable and builds against wxWidgets 2.8.9+.
2007-01-12 Relaxed file mode checking and added protection against corrupt hives.
2006-05-05 Fixed opening of viewer app.  It now opens on top of VMAgui.
2006-04-23 Created the first "official" Mac version.
2005-07-10 See changes, but the major change is that the GUI runs on multiple platforms now.
2005-06-29 A few minor changes.  No need to update if you don't care about the extraction date being off by a day.
2005-06-27 A couple of additions and fixes
2005-06-23 Major restructure and first version to include VMAWin
2005-06-21 First version of VMAWin available for anyone wanting to try it...brave souls!!  :-)
2005-06-16 Accidentially deleted a line causing all subfiles to be filtered out
2005-06-16 Several additional features and some changed behavior
2005-06-13 Initial distribution
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